Doctor Who: Listen

Guess its that time to vent on tumblr the problems that i have with this episode and get hated for not liking “the best episode in years” (Yes, i pulled a quote from some shitty internet magazine thing Mcbob.)

Now you’re probably wondering why this episode of Doctor Who dragged me out of tumblr limbo, well good sir/ma’dam sit down and Listen to what i have to say. (Get it i used the word Listen and the episodes name is listen, aw shut up it is funny!)

Now before i go ahead with the things i find wrong in this episode i’m gonna start with the good:

Danny Pink: I really loved Danny Pink in this episode, not only do we get to see more of him  but a little back-story  too, plus his great Grandchild.

Peter Capaldi: The new Doctor was on fire on this episode, i’m really liking Capaldi’s Doctor so far and i’m sure you’re liking him too.

Unfortunately that is all the good things i have to say about this episode besides i liked the 1st half. Now On with the Bad:

The Thing On the Bed: Now this is at the top of the list because i only have one problem with this. What the actual fuck was that on young Danny Pinks bed? Now i see a-lot of people saying “its a twist in the normal story-line, normally in Doctor Who when a child *thinks* there’s a monster under their bed they turn out to be right.” Now i shall tell you whats wrong with that statement actually i’ll show you…

See that at the bottom left hand side? Yep whoever was on Pinks bed was taking fashion advise from Lord Voldemort.You can say that’s just moffat fucking with us, but i think its safe to say that whatever was on that bed was no human kid, but then again i could be wrong.

Gallifrey: How did they get to Gallifrey? Isn’t it time locked? Yes, yes it fucking is. Now you could argue that a certain dalek went on a little stroll to Gallifrey, but he was clearly on drugs. You cannot just simply time-travel into Gallifrey, Unless you argue that this is before the time war which i doubt it would be. (Yes, in the 50th Anniversary the Doctor(S) went to Gallifrey but that was because of BAD WOLF i think…)

Clara/Moffat: Were to fucking start. The dinner at the start of the episode that was just a mess an absolute mess. GG Clara for just being a total bitch, which is not strictly your fault but your creators fault. Which Brings me to this Moffat why the fuck are you focusing on Cara and not the Doctor, I see more Clara than i do Capaldi especially in this episode.

I while now end on the most fuck you i’m Moffat Bitch!” moment ever.You cannot have clara be the reason for the Doctors philosophy of never carrying a weapon, because she heard the doctor say it to young Mr Pink. And i’ll tell you why, For someone like the doctor wouldn’t it make more sense if he came to that philosophy by himself and not by some creepy women hiding under his bed.(Just think of the doctor explaining what happened that night to someone it would be creepy as fuck) There is some more problems but i wont bore you with every little detail i find annoying.

Closing thoughts:

Now this is what i have to say about “Listen” And i should probably mention not to take this too seriously i’m not saying you should hate this episode i’m saying i did not like it and why i didn’t like it. Yes, these are my opinions and yes they’are probably a load of shit, however my amigo this is the Internet and everyone’s opinions are stupid here.


I fundamentally believe that if I was a hard body, super sexy guy (or girl), who posted shirt off pics or sexy selfies on the daily, I could legit say whatever kind of crazy stuff I wanted to - and the tumblr folk would be just fine with it. I’ve seen the blogs. I’ve seen the fake social justice…

I cant Stop….!

After the Christmas holiday i went down to my local supermarket (ASDA) to see if they had any DVD’s on sale. About 15 minutes of searching through stuff that i already had and stuff that was the 2nd in the series of a movie franchise or a season of a show, i gave up and went towards the drinks section for an Irn-Bru, I Came across a small stand for DVD box-sets, so i quickly looked at the box-sets, And  a little glimmer appeared in the corner of my eye i saw a Box-set. I bent down to look at it and there it was, something i have been searching for over 3 years. Season 1,2,3 and the Christmas episode Box-set of Gavin and Stacy for only £10 (Plus it was the last one)  So i picked it up got irn-bru, went to the till and practically ran home. And ever since i have watched nothing but Gavin and Stacy For the past 5 days Over and over again, i just cant stop….!




Billy Joel - We Didn't Start the Fire
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Billy Joel - We Didn’t Start The Fire

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Are you kidding me? This is perfection. 
Educate yourselves, buckos.  



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Starting to look like whomiss… oh its boxing day ….s***

So doctor who Christmas special came out yesterday, we all watched it ,we all loved it blah, blah ,blah and New doctor.

Yes ladies and gentlemen and others the 12th doctor is here or is it the 13th….. ah who cares.  Peter Capadli   is the Doctor 

However we shall never forget the most bad-ass regeneration so far…

…. it seems i cant find a gif of the doctor shooting his regeneration beams at daleks… well i’ll make do of what i got. Any way the regeneration was pretty AWESOME,  He shoot Regeneration beams at daleks i mean come on David Tennant just went in a box ( yes i know he had to do it but come on REGENERATION BEAMS)

Aside from  the Awesome parts, the other parts of this episode are……Pretty much mediocre, no one cares about Clara’s turkey Moffat. Plus why does moffat never bring back some of the older aliens, he references them but never delivers for example the slovene the priest women (not soo good with names) said ‘slovene’s’  we saw: daleks, weeping angels, cyber men old and new, sontarans and that’s about it  ( probably on more in there but i cant remember ) wtf moffat the’re more than fucking five alien race’s in the doctor who universe stop using the same ones over and over again.There was a jadoon ship i saw it with my eye balls why couldn’t we have JADOON MOFFAT WHY!

Ok before i start getting really annoyed at moffat or who ever is in charge on the alien appearance list or whatever, i should start pointing out the other good things.

The drawings, holly shit i saw some good reference’s in there when ever you get a chance look at those drawings.

How old is the doctor old, like seriously he must be like 1500 by now they added like 500 years on him (but we never really know how old the doctor is , even he does not know )

Well i think that’s enough for one summary  but i’ll leave you with this …

I cried when the doctor saw pond  and if you didn’t i think your a cyberman or a dalek your choice.


Saw The Day Of the Doctor in the cinema and it was …..



And the best thing happened someone at the cinema Had a fez and a scarf not any scarf but tom bakers scarf (Plus there was a lot of people wearing a fez) anyway this person went around asking every single  person there if they wanted a “Jellybaby”  it was beautiful.


Oh tumbler i love you

Oh tumbler i love you

Im looking at you (Insert fandom)

Im looking at you (Insert fandom)